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Toshiba Tec introduce first carbon neutral Barcode Printers

TOSHIBA TEC announced that its EPoS terminals and Barcode printers will be the first in the UK to be ‘Carbon Zero’ from September 2011.

Providing retailers with the opportunity to enhance their green credentials, using the latest technology from Toshiba within the store environment. The Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme, in partnership with co2balance, a leading provider of voluntary carbon offset, is managed in line with the internationally recognised “Gold Standard”, an independent standards body that verifies voluntary carbon projects. The system measures the unavoidable carbon produced during the manufacturing and delivery processes and balances it by reducing carbon output elsewhere. In this case, TOSHIBA TEC will pay for an equivalent amount of energy efficient stoves in Kenya, replacing the need for traditional open fires, meaning a 70% reduction in the use of firewood and the resulting carbon production.

Aside from the carbon reduction benefits, the scheme managed by co2balance, provides a number of social benefits improving the lives of communities across Kenya including;

  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests
  • Reduced soil erosion and nutrient loss
  • Reduced risk of flooding
  • Reduced poverty, as the efficient wood stove reduces annual expenditure on cooking fuels
  • Reduced adverse health effects
  • associated with indoor air pollution
  • Reduced cooking and wood collection time; householders can spend more time on other household tasks, as well as schooling and supervising children
  • Reduced exposure of firewood collectors (mainly women and children) to hazards in remote areas
  • Reduced burns and injuries from exposure to an open fire

“The benefits to everyone are immediately obvious and we will be proud to launch the Carbon neutral programme to our retail customers, we will also ensure their previous installations are retrospectively carbon offset,” said Nigel Wilson, of Reflex Labels, a major TOSHIBA TEC reseller “For customers with large estates, the carbon reduction scheme could benefit both their new and existing products.” “TOSHIBA TEC is very proud to be involved with The African Energy Efficient Stove Project in Kenya. We do take our C02 production responsibilities very seriously,” said Paul Reynolds, Senior Manager, TOSHIBA TEC. “And we look forward to promoting the benefits to retail customers across the UK,” he continued.

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