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Updated Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

Zebra Technologies announce the availability of the updated HC100™ wristband printer on 8th November 2012.

The improved HC100™ wristband printer develops the current model with the addition of wireless technology and revised firmware, increasing print speeds and providing wider application possibilities with broader market appeal. By combining Zebra wireless and desktop know-how, the HC100™ is now uniquely placed within the Zebra portfolio to take advantage of opportunities within the hospitality, leisure and healthcare industries.

The HC100™ wristband printer provides multiple benefits to end users:

Ease of use: the HC100™ is both fast and easy to use. Now with printing speeds of up to 4ips (102mm/s), reduced waiting times and easy-to-load cartridges ensure down-time and user training needs are kept to a minimum. Its smart technology senses the wristband type and auto calibrates the settings for optimised print quality and reduced waste, ensuring admissions are processed quickly and safely without having to change the media in the printer.

Flexibility: combining its existing small footprint with wireless technology gives the new model greater flexibility for a variety of settings and avoids costly ethernet installation.

Variety of wristbands: a wide range of wristbands are available for use with the HC100™ suitable for all healthcare, hospitality and leisure applications. A rainbow of alternative wristband colours, combined with waterproof adhesives, is ideal for a wide variety of leisure and hospitality venues. Zebra’s antimicrobial Z-band Direct wristbands provide additional protection within a healthcare setting.

Safety & compliance: the HC100™ prints all industry standard one and two dimensional bar code symbologies required to meet international barcode standards and its high-quality image output aids access control. Its exterior is resistant to most hospital disinfectants and it carries the Energy Star rating.

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