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Right Tool Right Job

To enable us to start to understand the differences of the impact different technologies have on the environment we have undertaken a comprehensive research with the leading manufacturer of impact and non-impact technologies to help ensure that we promote not just the correct device for the job – but also the most efficient and environmentally friendly.

Is the Right Technology Right for the Environment?

The following summary compares a 50 page a minute laser printer against a 2000 line a minute line printer for energy and operational efficiency. *

The following metrics are assumed:

  • Average Monthly Duty Cycle 50,000 pages
  • Page Density Line 60%
  • Price per KWh electricity 9.5 pence
  • Average print speed Laser 42.5 pages per minute
  • Print Speed Line printer 2000 lines per minute
  • Lines per page 60 lpp
  • Operation life of 5 years
  • Actual Print time per month Line 18 hours
  • Actual Print time per month Laser 19.61 hours

The following are actual statistics from the devices:

  • Idle Power Consumption Laser 35 watts
  • Operating Power Consumption Laser 1,500 watts
  • Idle Power Consumption Line 26 watts
  • Operating Power Consumption Line 385 watts

* Figures supplied courtesy of Printronix

By taking these metrics and doing some fairly simple but involved calculation the following “rule of thumb” can be acquired.

“Total operational cost saving over the period for running a Line printer versus an equivalent Laser printer run at 112% in power usage alone.”

“This is an operational saving of slighty over ¼ (Quarter) of a Tonne per printer in carbon through electricity use alone.”

Note - This does not even take into consideration the additional costs of consumables in this period.

Note – In a lot of cases the power consumption of the printer when “it is not being used” will form the majority of the total power consumption.

Why Line Matrix?

Line Matrix - Suitable in any industry

Food and Beverage we understand that within the food and beverage industry mission critical printing is demanded across a wide range of environments from the loading dock to the refrigerated areas within the warehouse. Printronix Line Matrix Printers are designed with this in mind; engineered to deliver non-stop performance and withstand humidity, temperature, static electricity, dust and other airborne particles which can lead to premature failure, frequent paper jams, print quality issues and more.

Automotive and Manufacturing Our automotive and manufacturing customers print in some of the harshest environments, so there is no excuse not to build products that perform in the most demanding conditions. Whether extreme temperatures, dusty, dirty or humid environments Printronix Line Matrix Solutions excel where others fail.

Retail Distribution Businesses operating in retail distribution rely heavily on speed, accuracy and the insertion of products into their environment that enhance their production and fulfilment processes. Printronix Line Matrix Printers deliver a range of capabilities for printing on different form factors and sizes to help keep operations running quickly and efficiently.

Transportation and Logistics For decades, leading Transportation and Logistics Businesses have relied on Printronix technologies for the reliable generation of documents and labels critical to the success of their operations. For an industry that’s constantly on the move timing, efficiency, reliability and durability are of utmost importance.


The fact is line matrix printers are workhorses. These rugged impact devices work effectively in the often harsh and unforgiving environments of the back office. They can endure almost any environment: hot, cold, dirty, constantly changing humidity and temperature. The latest models deliver high efficiencies that boost productivity through printer management tools; and when multipart forms are required it is the king of choice. Note we calculated the running costs over 5 years. In our experience you may get to a point where you would have to replace the non impact printer while the impact printer remained perfectly operational in these environments.

• 10% smaller footprint on pedestal models

• Sheet metal promotes increased durability and quieter acoustics- 5% noise reduction across standard pedestal and cabinet models compared to the TG6600

• New user friendly interface provides a 60% larger LCD screen, graphical display, and intuitive menu navigation

• Printnet Enterprise, our remote management utility, provides superior control over networked printers by allowing for full remote control anywhere in the world via the use of a virtual operations panel and real-time dashboard visibility

• Keeping pace with today’s technology is easy with standard features like USB 2.0 connectivity, and new standard emulations like Telnet, ANSI and PCL2.

“It is our considered opinion that, for once, using the right tool for the job is also the best for the environment and the operating costs of the customer.”

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