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Cadbury Schweppes

By implementing this approach we have a proven cost saving to Cadburys in excess of 25%.

The Client

One of the biggest international beverage and confectionery companies in the world with a market capitalisation of £11 billion. They employ around 55,000 people with many of its famous brands being enjoyed in almost every country around the world.

The Business Challenge

Cadbury Schweppes experienced unplanned downtime with a number of printers at a Cadburys Production site. Datatrade plc were asked to resolve the issue as the incumbent service provider was not achieving the service levels required for the care and preventative actions necessary to maintain Cadburys uptime levels. The downtime had the potential to impact production and affect productivity of staff.

The Business Solution

Datatrade plc conducted a thorough audit of all printers, printer applications and network capability for this site. The problem causing the serious printer downtimes was identified. In effect, every time a printer failed to work the incumbent service provider was insisting on the machine being sent back to their premises for repair. 80% of ‘repair’ issues were due to worn print heads. Datatrade plc recommended stocking spare print heads on site and training the relevant Cadbury Schweppes staff to replace the print heads as and when required. Training took place over one day to each of the three work shifts

The Business Benefits

Uptime for the printers improved almost immediately through an effective training and preventative maintenance program. Any threat to productivity was mitigated with maintenance costs were reduced throughout the site. The success of this tailored approach resulted in Datatrade being awarded the service contract for all the mission critical printers in Cadburys Schweppes manufacturing plants throughout the UK. By implementing this approach we have a proven cost saving to Cadburys in excess of 25%. 2007 Update: Datatrade have since won another order for the purchase and maintenance of 58 further printers demonstrating their ability to achieve exceptional levels of service and maintenance at commercially competitive rates.

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