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Carbon Footprint Reduction

In order to affect the efficiency of our service and cost saving to our customers - by default we are reducing and maintaining a watchful eye on the print fleets of our customers. Which, through their consumption of power and use of paper contribute to the corporate carbon footprint.

The audit process Many of the customers we engage have no real idea of the amount of printers they have or the amount of paper they use. Our physical and software audits not only help quantify the size of this problem, but allow us to then work with the customer to reduce the effect of printers and printing on their corporate carbon footprint.

Implementation process By acting on our recommendation, customers will not only save money on their cost of printing, but will continue to do so as we manage, monitor and advise on ongoing print strategy. As a result, customers who are conscious of their environmental impact stand to substantially reduce their carbon footprint as well as save money during this process.

Positive environmental activities

  • Reduction of power consumption with rationalisation of hardware
  • Hardware responsibly recycled where possible or disposed of in accordance with W.E.E.E. directive
  • Reduction of printer consumables, and the waste they produce
  • Reduction in the consumption of paper by the effective routing and control of documents, such as duplex printing.

On-going awareness We will keep you up to date with advice and recommendations that will ensure that not only is your future print strategy economical and efficient but that it also remains environmentally friendly. We can recommend printers with the latest revision Energy mark compliance, or reduced ozone emissions.

Useful links The WEEE Man - The WEEE man, designed by Paul Bonomini, is a huge robotic figure made of scrap electrical and electronic equipment. It weighs 3.3 tonnes and stands seven meters tall – representing the average amount of e-products every single one of us throws away over a lifetime.

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