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Enviromental Policy

It has always been the policy of Datatrade to consider the environmental implications which may be attached to our products, or the operation of our business.

Our aims are:

  • to avoid waste
  • save energy
  • prevent pollution
  • conserve natural resources

Most of our products are despatched in the suppliers’ original packaging but where there is a need to purchase materials for packaging then we only do so from approved suppliers and, where possible, of recycled and anti-static materials.

As we do not manufacture from raw materials we undertake no processes which would be a threat to our environment. Our usage of gas, electricity and motor fuel is regularly monitored, which is both good economical sense and environmentally advantageous. Where it is possible all our Company vehicles are fitted with catalytic converters too. We also run dual fuel cars as part of our fleet.

If any material has to be discarded in a sensitive manner then it is returned to the manufacturer who will have the proper means for safe disposal. We ensure that the disposal of any items from our own organisation, or that of our clients is done in accordance with the W.E.E.E. directive.

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental policy and happily welcome any suggestions which will allow us to do so.

Mark James
Managing director
30 March 2007

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