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Line Matrix - The Greenest Printing Technology

The TallyGenicom 6600 family is built to last for years and years, a key ecological benefit over shorter life cycle products such as laser and serial printers. Engineered with features that promote less energy consumption and generate less waste, the 6600 family of line matrix printers is environmentally responsible and provides the right printing solution for a greener world.

Here’s How:

More Industrial Power and Less Energy Consumed The 6600 can make a substantial reduction in your energy costs, without sacrificing productivity. First, the line matrix technology that powers the 6600 Series consumes 67% less energy while printing in comparison to laser printers*. With the price of energy today, if your company is running a room full of printers 12 to 24 hours per day, that adds up to a substantial savings over laser or serial printers.

*6610 vs. HP4014 Product Specification

Better Use of Recycled Papers

Recycled papers are in high demand. But can most printers handle them? The answer is yes if you are using Line Matrix printing technology. Through a series of engineering pluses, the ability to handle challenging forms has been greatly increased. The new platen lever and the micro-platen adjustment feature optimize the 6600’s recycled paper forms handling capability.

One Line Matrix Printer Life Cycle is Equal to Three Laser Printer Life Cycles

Line Matrix printers stay active and productive for a longer period of time because of their solid design and use of industrial materials. They are often rebuilt, resold and redistributed into the global business community. One of biggest plusses of the next generation 6600 Series is an increased life span and higher productivity. While there are many line matrix printers currently in the operation, the addition of a new 6600 printer platform offers businesses the ability to substantially improve printing operations for a long period of time. Much longer than laser or serial printers, which often are used in a ratio of 3 to 1 in comparison to line matrix printers.

This gives Line Matrix Printers more environmental pluses: Line matrix printers will use less energy to be built, shipped, installed, maintained and disposed of as opposed to laser or serial printers.

• When compared to laser printers, Line Matrix Printers consume as little as 1/3rd the energy when printing, and 1/7th the energy when in standby mode.

• Throughout their life span, Line Matrix Printers will generate far less landfill waste from consumables, packaging and printer hardware.

• Cartridge ribbons emit none of the fine particulate emissions generated by laser printers.

Easier to Recycle

Line Matrix printers are built to be tough and to keep printing for years and years in the harshest industrial environments. They are built so well that they are often refurbished and resold to the secondary line matrix printer market. When they finally reach the end of their long life cycles, they are recycled for repair parts.

The result is two fold:

  • Line Matrix Printers do not end up in landfills whereas laser printers do.
  • Line Matrix Printers are fully recyclable. In fact, they are built so well that they are often refurbished and resold to the secondary line matrix printer market. When they finally reach the end of their long life cycles, they are sent to the recycler, not to landfills as is the case with laser and serial printers.

Less Waste

Line Matrix printers produce less waste than laser and serial printers.

This waste savings is found all areas of printing:

Less forms waste - The new 6600 Series has an improved media handling capability. With a two tractor gate system and a redesigned micro-platen adjuster, the 6600 reduces the chance of form tear, saving paper and energy, while boosting productivity.

Less packaging, shipping and consumables waste - With a more compact, longer life consumables cartridge design, less packaging is used and shipping costs are lower. Compared to laser and serial, you will be throwing out less cardboard shipping containers and far less plastic cartridges.

Less energy waste - Even environmentally friendly features like energy sleep modes can be a source of waste. In comparison to laser and serial printers, the 6600 Series uses a sleep mode that activates the printer quicker, saving your company time and energy.


Line Matrix technology remains to deliver more up-time dependability, at a cost of ownership that is significantly less than that of any other print technology, while consuming less energy and contributing far less consumables waste. • Backwards Compatible Cartridge Ribbon reduces ordering and installation confusion.

• 50% reduction in cartridge ribbon inventory management overhead.

• Reduced onsite service calls and improved diagnostics monitoring.

• Our PrintNet Enterprise software has the ability to download configuration files, firmware updates and printer resources to multiple printers simultaneously, thereby ensuring commonality while greatly reducing expense and potential errors.

• Cost per pages savings of 25% or more compared to non-cartridge models.

• If high volume and high data coverage are required, line matrix printing beats the ROI of laser printers every time.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental advantages include: waste reduction, less packaging, the ability to accommodate paper with high recycled content, easier recycling of printed paper, ozone reduction, and none of the fine particulate emissions found in laser toner cartridges.

• Energy efficient line matrix printers lower idle power consumption by 55%; lowering energy costs and boosting operating efficiency

• Line matrix consumables are greener than serial or laser printer consumables, and are able to print on papers and forms with a higher percentage of recycled content

• Cartridge platforms are engineered to last for years

• The E-Cycle program available from Printronix guarantees safe and sustainable disposal of used printers and a certificate of destruction.

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