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Are you getting the most from your printer fleet?

Do you know how much you spend on printing? Are you using the right types of printers for the right jobs?

Introduction One of the most underestimated expenses any business faces is the management of its printers. Given a clear picture of how your business and supply chain are linked by printing it is likely that we can use our experience to suggest operational improvements and cost savings

Mission Critical Printer Assets

  • Do you know how many printers you have?
  • Do you know where these printers are?
  • Do you know the condition or age of these printers?
  • Do you have the right printers for the job?

On-going Management

  • Do you have specific printer knowledge within your organisation?
  • Do you know what printers to specify for new or replacement applications?
  • Can you tell how much you are spending on consumables?
  • Are you sure that non-functioning printers are not impacting the operational efficiency of your organisation?

Strategy & Planning

  • Do you know how or when to replace these printers?
  • Do you know what to replace them with?
  • Do you know if you ’need’ to replace them all?
  • Do you know what to budget?
  • Do you get regular feedback?
  • Are you sure you are in control of your printers?

If you would like us to assist you with these or any other questions regarding your printer fleet.

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