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One Store Mobility

In retail, mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in both operational efficiency and optimising the customer experience.

By getting to know the current landscape, you’ll be in the best position to identify and deliver the right mobility solutions to your retail customers.

Here’s what’s changing right now:

Over the last decade, mobile phones have transformed the way consumers live – and the way they shop. With 64% of shoppers wanting their experience improved through technology1, enterprise class mobility solutions are changing the way retailers operate. With mobile access to real time stock, pricing and product information, staff can easily track and manage inventory throughout the supply chain – from the warehouse, distribution center, stores and even in transit.

74% of shoppers believe that better staff communication improves customer service2. By connecting the entire retail operation, allowing managers, cashiers, backroom personnel and sales staff to communicate easily and work as one, retailers can better-serve their most important business asset – the customer.

With a full range of end-to-end mobility solutions specifically designed for retailers Zebra Technologies can help you to offer your retail customers the key to their challenges; from mobile devices and scanners, to specialty printers, RFID, Wireless infrastructure, Kiosks, Card, Mobile and Desktop printers, software and services.

On Partner Central you’ll find more information about the influence of mobility solutions in retail right now, including a video and an infographic. These will give you more insight into the needs of retail customers and how you can support them through innovative technology.

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