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Rogues Gallery

Welcome to our collection of Rogues - or un-sung heroes depending on your perspective. All these pictures are from actual printers in the field that have been taken on, or sent to us for repair. Bet you wouldn't treat your desktop like this?

Zebra 140Xi

At first glance this printer may not seem too bad till you realise that it is missing most of its internal workings.


Printronix 5x Thermal Printer

Yes there is a printer under there. 75%

TallyGenicom 2240 - New Design Feature

Would you put this much effort in to fix a printer - if you did not need it?


TallyGenicom 2240 - New Design Feature Mk II

This is definitely one of the most innovative modification we have seen - especially as it incorporates the original design as well. 75%

Another TallyGenicon

This printer is pretty much in one piece but demonstrats the sorts of environments these devices have to perform in.


And another TallyGenicom

And this one isnt


Zebra Mobile Printers

Its not just the big ones either.


Zebra 105SL - Fault Reported - Not Feeding Lables

Missing were platen roller, rewind roller, tear bar pressure toggle and various associated belts and pulleys - oh and the ribbon bar.


Innovation is everywhere

This QL420+ had a broken battery catch, the solution, use the labels to stick the battery in place.


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