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Forms? Yea, workin’ on’em

Forms Examples

When we come to forms, it’s easy to implement a form into your pages (or more than one)

First Example

This is a headline within a form
Das hier ist nur wahlloser Text, der im Formular steht und eigentlich nicht wahllos sein sollte, sondern erklärend. Etwa: Alles was Sie hier eingeben kann und wird vor Gericht gegen Sie verwendet werden.

Forms Description

In an article you can add a form in the text simply by doing this:


And that will turn into this:

Simple, but empty. So lets add some fields.

a regular field is made with just this: text|Your field description

You can use different formats for that (so the will be validated for that) like email, number, letter

A bigger field you get like this: textarea|Gimme a big field

You can do checkboxes and radio boxes, but right now they are messed up. so you cant do those today :)

If you add a * to the field type then it is required. Like text*|You have to enter something here

Let’s see our new form now:

text|Your field description
textarea|Gimme a big field
text*|You have to enter something here

You can do more and I will add more functionality soon, but for now i keep it simplest :)

Demo Form 2

this is one of the example just put down as a form. This is obviously not ideal for a webform.

Demo Form 2

So on this side we find essentially the same for but this time I tweaked it abit to make it a webform.

Your information
Machine information
checkbox checkbox checkbox checkbox checkbox

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