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Back Office

Although more than capable of supporting standard Laser printers and various other “front office” technology Datatrade’s particular area of expertise is in what we term the “Back Office”. This is, if you like, the areas of organisations where the work of moving their goods or products gets done.

In this area Laser technology is often not well suited, nor is it cost effective to use. Broadly there are two types of technology that are:

Impact Technology - Line or Serial printers that are robust and can print large volumes of internal documents very cheaply.

Examples of these documents may include but not be restricted to:

  • Routing Information
  • Picking Information
  • Despatch notes
  • Delivery notes

Thermal Technology - Direct (no ribbon) or Indirect (uses Ribbon) Thermal Printers. These are used primarily where bar codes are needed quickly and reliably.

Examples of these documents/labels may include but not be restricted to:

  • Pallet Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Picking Labels
  • Pretty much anywhere a barcode is needed

RFID Technology - Radio Frequency Identification. Although this technology has been around for some time, the cost of the tags has always been an inhibitor to widespread adoption. However more recently certain (normally higher value) applications within the supply chain are starting to see the benefits of adopting this technology.

This technology is normally based on a modified version of a thermal printer that can also encode the RFID tag embedded in the media at the time of printing the label.


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