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Management Information

For our Managed Services customers we conduct regular account management meetings. To supplement these we produce a wide range of reports that we can use to help you manage your current and future printing requirements.

We have a range of reports that we use to work pro-actively with our customer to provide a range of benefits including:

  • Asset management : Collecting and organising details of your existing equipment
  • Business use : Understanding what your devices are used for and the importance of these roles within your organisation
  • Predictive analysis : Comparing your usage of the machines with the manufacturers’ expectations
  • Print strategy : Making the best use of your equipment to fulfil your business-critical needs
  • Detailed reports : Relaying to you all relevant facts and figures about processes and usage

Because we track your printers as induvidual assets it allows us to produce accurate and detailed information about the state of your printer fleet.

Example call type breakdown


Each customer can have one or more tailored responses built into the contract. The reporting system can track each response type for each customer providing accurate detail on response quality during the period.

Example response against SLA report


For every call of every type further drill down can be achieved to deal with calls on an individual call by call basis. This can be used to identy troublesome equipment and help with refurbishment of replacement plans. The information negates the use for blanket replacement programmes and helps forecast accurate budgets for future requirements.

Example call detail break down


We can also bespoke data activities for individual customer needs. The following example highlights the five worst locations for a customer by call volumes. Such information can be used to prompt further investigation that may lead to identifying some further bespoke user training or other needs.

Example bespoke report


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