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StatMan Software

StatMan is Datatrade's own bespoke call logging and tracking environment. It links our engineers PDAs through the web to our back-end systems and your help desk, providing real time updates and status reports on individual calls.

StatMan features include

  • automatically updating customer via email when calls have been closed
  • automatically texting engineers with new call details
  • real-time call management for the following touch points:
    • call logged
    • engineer allocated
    • ETA set
    • engineer arrived on site
    • call closed
  • personalised web portals to allow total transparency with our managed services customers
  • real-time update from the engineers PDA back to our ERP system
  • management reporting
  • allows engineers to ’mine’ call history for every printer on maintenance
  • integration with Microsoft Navision ERP software
  • integration with Tokario TokOpen Document Management software
  • integration with Microsoft Exchange e-mail server software
  • built in exception handling and escalation management

Example Statman User Interface


Example Completed call detail

The following screen shows the details returned from the completed call including signed document.

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